March 2, 2013

Actually, who's wrong?

Others doesn't care about you anymore?
You just don't know either it was your fault or not..
You just don't know either they are still there for you or not..
And you just don't know either that things that you called it friendship is still on or not..

But, from the other side, they're blaming you..
Saying that you're the one whom let that relationship abandoned..
Saying that you will never be there for them..
Saying that you're busy with your own life..

Is that???
What else do you know about me?
Are you angel or what??
Keep on blaming others, looks like you are the one who's always be right?
Can you just stop pretending to be good?

You just don't know that the person will never forget you,
Will never forget that so-called "friendship"..
In the same time, when she saw you're just have a great moments with other's that you called it bestfriends,
She thought that she was just nothing for you anymore...
So, is that what you called it 'forever'? 
Talking nonsense..

There's nothing that you can called it forever in this world..
Dear friends.. 
Just keep this in your mind..
Friends doesn't need to be proven with daily message, chat, calling and so-whatever..
Friends is someone that may not forget you at all, and accept you just the way you are... :)


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